We’ve never had it so good | Life and style | The Observer

We’ve never had it so good | Life and style | The Observer.

In a sentence: This article makes me happy. It’s based on real women who have real dreams, real limitations and real drive. As a Gen Yer, the idea that I can do anything I set my mind to is genuinely second nature. Everytime I want to do something new, it’s not “You can’t handle that” or “Why would you want to do that anyway?”. No, instead it’s “That’s great – what can we do to help?”

I think our generation is defined by our passions – whatever they happen to be at the moment, anyway. We’ve all had the astronaut/President/biomechanical engineer-type dreams in which we do what we love for the salary we love for the rewards we love with the people we love supporting us all the way. Not that we depend on them for support, but we are nothing if not social creatures (check it – we were the first ones to embrace fb, people) who revel in shared interests and the comraderie stemming from achieving something together.

My question is this, however: Did these women achieve all of this at the same time? The way the author puts it, each woman has a paragraph after her name containing her major achievements to date, without separations like “after that” or “and then”. So… the board director who has two degrees, can sail and can fly a plane accomplished this all in one go? I think not.

The key (for me, at least) is to pace yourself. Figure out (generally) what you want to do, figure our what you should work on first and then figure out what you can do NOW to make that happen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I actually want to be – to do, to achieve, to learn – and I’ve come up with a single answer: everything! Unfortunately, you know how much that helps me just now? That’s right, ZERO. How can I possibly begin working on that single item (short but sweet, ya?) in it’s current, completely unchewable state?

I have to break it down. Right now, I want to work on…

  • Improving my conversational Spanish
  • Improving my name memory
  • Becoming well-versed in literature
  • Getting a 300 on the PFT
  • Being completely honest with myself as to my desires and limitations
  • Using my time efficiently and improving self-discipline
  • Trusting Him with everything I am and want to be

I’m sure there’s more, and perhaps there are things on this list I really DON’T want to be or do, but the point is I’ve put it in black and white and have sent it out to the unknowable depths of the world wide web, effectively immortalizing it and concretely defining what I will consider temporary success. Not that anyone reads this (yet) and will hold me to it later. But just having it here helps.

Back to my main point: We CAN do anything. It’s the process – the steps to get there, the mini goals we must hold ourselves to – that trips us up.


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