“‘Open’ need not mean free”

Google developing a micropayment platform and pitching newspapers: “‘Open’ need not mean free” » Nieman Journalism Lab.

I’m not surprised that it’s Google who’s one of the first to start getting on this, but did it have to take so long?

Seriously, all we “learned” as freshmen at Medill was that journalists needed somewhere to get their money from and traditional methods weren’t the ones to look to. I spent hours listening to circular, self-enforcing “discussions” that simply hailed “A new medium must be found!” and “Long live journalism!” in different ways from idealistic students with little to no experience with actual journalism. Have they ever been targeted with tear gas in the name of “their” craft? No. Yes, we need a new way to continue to inform the people about the world around them. We get it. You’ve bludgeoned us with that information, in fact. So what are you going to do about it?

Finally, we have the hint of progress – never fear, citizens. Google’s on the job.


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