So I’ve been thinking…

…a lot about what I want to write, not only for myself in journal form, or for freelance work, but in this blog. I’m not in the middle of some great project, I’m not in a unique situation (at all), and I’m not particulaly witty or insightful. What to do? I know you’re thinking I probable have more to worry about than a blog suject if the last sentence was true, but I’m not thinking about that just now. I need something to keep me occupied and mentally stimulated while I’m not in school, and I recently realized I do much better with checklists, schedules and definitive ways of monitoring and evaluating my progress. It hit me: what better way to make sure I’m doing something productive than to blog something each day with notes on what I’m thinking about, reading, learning?

Now I know no one’s going to read this (if you are, stop right now and stop wasting your life. Need an idea? A paint by number would be more productive.) but the fact that it’s online and part of the immortal text machine of the web makes me think that someone’s watching, someone’s holding me accountable, like the running partner you know will be waiting for you on your driveway at 5am. If I know they’re there, if I think that there’s a record out there of what I set out to do, I’m more likely to actually complete the task, not only for myself, but for my good name. I sound like I’m volunteering for a suicide mission, don’t I?

Anyway, this is what I’ve decided to blog about: Anything I find interesting. It can have something to do with what I’m going through, can be about journalism or public relations or physics or the future of publishing, can involve what God’s teaching me lately, can be what I’m learning about myself. The only rule is that I have to post something once a day, and that each post needs to include unique, original links to information relevant to what I’m talking about. This way I’ll be forced to actually research and base my blogs in some semblance of fact. (Wouldn’t my journalism teachers be proud of the way I’m speaking about their beloved craft?)

So this is it for today (I’m giving myself a break on the links, just because it’s late – actually, I think this post counts for the 17th, since it’s one in the morning. I’ll try to write something in the this afternoon.) I’m counting on you to hold me to it! (Yes, I know it sounds lame, but I want to work on my endings/conclusions as well. Don’t judge. )


One response to “So I’ve been thinking…

  1. I am a fan of the “I’m going to blog about whatever I find interesting” theme. I had a really long hiatus, three years, and I was having issues getting back into blogging. Wasn’t until I stopped thinking about it that I was able to begin to post on a more regular basis. It was that concept of the immortal text machine. Made me nervous.

    Hadn’t really thought about immortal-ness of the internet being a way to be held accountable. Not sure how I feel about that. I think I could too easily allow that to stress me out. I think it’s cause “the internet” doesn’t seem as real as “the running partner” waiting at the end of the driveway.

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