A Semester Off

With the economy in its current state and the source of university education becoming less and less important I know I’m not the only one trying to make the most of a semester or two break in between universities. Heck, even before the economy went bust, students were advising students on if and when to take a break.

Think about it: when enrolled, I had four or five classes to attend, read and study for. I had meetings left and right for rugby, the publication, NROTC, bible study. I had to plan 30 minutes ahead for everything because I had to walk everywhere. Meals were far from quick. Plus the fact that I hated it, so everything took longer and sapped me of more energy.

The facts are that I’m burnt out and getting to the stage of hopelessness that I begin to wonder what the point of it all is, but the blasted ‘Type A’ monster in me won’t let me rest unless I’m doing something productive. What do I do now?

My original list was long and unrealistic, mentioning everything from learning a language to picking up three instruments, enrolling in an online course, and interning at the US Embassy in Malaysia. (What’s funny is you think I’m kidding.)

I’m in the outside section of Old Town White Coffee (tagline: “take your time”. Oh, the irony.) sipping the house specialty. I’ve been here for two hours, and I haven’t gotten anything tangible done. (I’m telling you, research and idle curiosity eat your time.) I can’t talk to anyone without my mind wandering back to the empty three months ahead of me, can’t hear a sentence without thinking “Is that what I should be doing to make the most of October, November, December? Can I really do anything?”.

In a sentence: It’s turning me into an insomniac, obsessive compulsive psycho.

I know I’ve already said I’ll look up info and freelance, but I know the likelihood of me getting any really jobs or assignments is slim to none, and I wouldn’t have any real clips to show them anyway. That’s something I can do, I suppose – show of my writing ability, streamline that process, write about things I care about. I’d have to make sure I labeled my posts – reporting, editorial, personal, etc.

But it still comes down to the fact that I feel like I need to get something done in these three months – something productive, something useful, something that most students wouldn’t do because they were in school.

There’s no way I’m alone in this – where are all the other bums?


One response to “A Semester Off

  1. Despite having an internship for the fall semester, I identify with this post. I tried to put together a list at the beginning of my internship of what I’d like to get done this fall. I’m pretty sure I haven’t made a dent in any of those goals. It’d be nice if I could be content with going to my internship and doing that work. Instead, I feel like I have to be productive out of the internship or else I have failed in someway. The big one is securing job offers and then deciding what job is the best to accept.

    I’m hoping that in a small way the monthly goal meet up helps. That it will hold me accountable in some way. By commenting on others goals, make the goals I’ve set more real rather than just lines in my blog that has quite the limited readership.

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