To break or not to break?

There’s so much you can do online these days, I wonder why I don’t simply get a netbook and be done with complicated program installs and useless help directories.

But then I remember I would get even LESS done than I already do if I were actually forced to be online all day. Having Microsoft Word open on my desktop forces me to stop browsing (no pun intended) and actually get to work on things I know are important for me to do.

Unfortunately, so much of what I need to do is connected to or found with the web that it’s not like I can close Firefox and completely ignore it.

So what to do? I’ve heard that we’re meant to be interrupted during work (to keep us awake, more productive, etc.) but other studies show (and I can testify) it’s much harder and probably less productive in the long run to take breaks because it’s hard to get back to work once we disengage from it. What to do? Suggestiongs? I’ll do some research…


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