On Rewards — OwlSparks | Carlos Miceli

On Rewards — OwlSparks | Carlos Miceli.

On Rewards

by Carlos Miceli on September 24, 2009

in Best, Business, Control, Generational, Passion, People, Work, change, idealism

Rewards are having trouble keeping up.

Things like money, vacations, stability and ladder climbing matter, but less than they used to.

Nowadays, we need more. We ask for a challenge, to learn and grow, to be independent, to be trusted.

This is way harder to give, because you can’t just sign for them. It’s not up to your pen to give me a healthy and innovative culture.

It depends on your values, on your leadership, your intelligence and ambition. There are no contracts for this.

If it’s not real, it can’t be given.

You don’t have to worry so much. There are still thousands of cogs looking for the next safe (risky?) thing.

Not the ones that matter though.

But hey, as if you care, right?

Sparked by Ryan Stephens


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