I read somewhere (today, actually, but like the ditz I am, I forgot just where) that we should focus on only 2-3 big projects per year and, though we should assess ourselves and readjust the means by which we achieve those goals, sticking to those goals will pay off more than if we ditched and replaced those goals in the long run.

Meaning, keep with your goal to be physically active, but periodically assess whether your weekly belly dancing lessons are doing the trick.

I’ve realized that I’ve not only tried to simultaneously spin too many plates, but I’ve been switching goals and attacking them the same way every time, robbing myself of the chance to successfully complete a task by either quitting or using a method that failed before.

Why do I sabotage myself and my spirit so?

So I want to try to articulate my goals for the next three months here: what are the codes I wish to stand by and what are the goals that correspond with them?

I can’t just decide anything – I feel God has some serious work to do in my life, some healing and shaping that I need to be mentally prepared and willing to undergo.Freshman year hurt me, wounded me and broke me down to the point where I didn’t want to go on.

I still don’t know if I can completely.

Pray for me.


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