We CAN have it all – just get out your calendar

We have all the methods – the self-help literature, the free ebooks, the insightful advice from professionals and ameuteurs alike – but what I keep hearing is that we don’t know what to go after (Newsweek “we can do anything so what do we do”, GET MORE)

Why is it so hard to decide what we want? (And saying “Everything!” does not count) When we have a car, know what road to take and can drive, why is the first step – that of picking a destination – often the first and only obstacle we reach?

Because we can have it all.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait… what?” Let me explain.

We’ve been told we can have it all, we’ve seen examples of people who seem to have it all, and most of us believe we can at least come close to having it all. The result? We go after it all at the same time or freeze up because we feel like the one we choose first will be designated more important than the others.

What we (I say ‘we’ because I’ll be the first to admit that I often take on WAY more than I can safely chew) need to do is choose something and stick with it. This means giving each endeavor the attention and consistency it needs to succeed. This means not “squeezing it in” between everything else you’re doing and coninually working on it.

Give your project a chance to succeed.

Nothing is enjoyable and fun and charismatic all the time. (Hence the whole “work-life balance” fad we’ve been seeing in the blogs recently) and, unfortunately, young people have a reputation for dropping projects and responsibilities when the going gets less interesting, let alone tough.

Dory has it right: Just keep swimming.


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