Something that has been going through my head recently popped up on one of my favorite Ning networks, 20 Something Bloggers:

“I love way too many things.”

You may laugh at it’s simplicity, but there is no other way to say it. It’s not that we have too much on our plates, but we want to have too much on our plates.

Why, you ask?

It makes us feel productive.

As backwards as it sounds, we feel like we’re wasting our time if we’re not running around, crazily writing this and filming that and talking to this person for that project and scheduling that appointment there before we have to go to that function and…

… And the list goes on.

Why can’t we bite of simply what we can chew? Why are we so driven to succeed? Is success ever really attainable?

And I’m not saying we shouldn’t push ourselves – we absolutely should. That’s the only way we realize our potential, know ourselves, improve ourselves. But we need a break, and we need to to be ok with that.

Why are we so uncomfortable with down time? Why must we always be doing something?

Why can’t we let life happen, instead of trying to force it?

Rest is a crucial part of training, not the abselce of it.


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