#1 Reason why everyone should have a blog


… is not because your life is of particular importance to any one or several persons.

Don’t get me wrong,  you might have a very interesting life, and your niche as a anti-violence martial artist/trilingualsea-farer/bartending vegan vampire could most certainly draw the crowds. Or your expertise in ancient lemur mating rituals could tell an internet nomad exactly what he wants to know.

But that’s not why you should get a host and start bangin’ away on that keyboard.

The real reason? Because blogging is exercise for your brain like weight lifting and running is for your body.

Think about it – you don’t get fit by sitting on your butt, right? Yes, you can lose weight by consuming below your basal metabolic rate, and yes, you get healthy by eating the right kinds of foods.

But those methods don’t get you fit – they don’t prepare you for a test of endurance or strength. They don’t increase your chances of escaping a thief or moving a couch by yourself.

(Forgive the lengthy metaphor, but) Your brain works the same way. If you stop learning, stop asking questions, stop analyzing, it’s the equivalent of sitting on a couch and staring at the wall.

And it gets worse when we talk about “nutrition” of the brain. While the internet is awesome for stimulating your thoughts and creativity, it’s hard to weed out the junk food as well: “processed” or (as Austin Light puts it) regurgitated material that does the heavy thinking for us, or information “empty” of correct facts and interpretations.

Blogging keeps you searching for content, looking for something to write about, to think about, to create an angle uncommon or unheard of.

And your blog should be for you, for your cognitive and creative development, for your personal gain. Everything else should be extra. Think of it as a free gym membership for your brain: it’s not a “should” but a “get to”. It’s a challenge that brings a reward like no other.

Blog on, my friends.


One response to “#1 Reason why everyone should have a blog

  1. Though I do think you can blog for others, if you’re looking to keep some type of diary or web log of your life, you should be doing it for you. Write what you want to write, not what you think others want to read. I’ve seen people that have dozens and dozens of comments after every post, and some to me are inane or boring. But they found the followers because they were real, they weren’t regurgitating.

    If you are looking for readers, you just have to engage them. They’ll come if you really want them. I mean I came here after a comment and a link. 🙂

    But then you know all this.

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